I went to the window and stare at the clouds

Looming over the sky, plenty of gray clouds.

Slowly prancing, black clouds trying to engulf;

nothing left for the winds to sculpt

Gray clouds would be gone;


Usual animate objects in the sky, there will be none

Expecting rain in seconds , I uttered “I don’t want rain.”

I want a hug , an embrace for sorrows to drain

The kind of day when you don’t want to be weary

Of misdeed and opportunities lost, you are sorry


Regrets and woes are part of future worries.

When the day comes people you knew learned

That you no longer have the money to burn

Expect to be disappointed, they won’t return

Money with them together you burnt.


Comfort is what we need and a difficult deed

For other people have the same need and on the brink to cede

It is indeed difficult when no shoulders to cry on

When solitary confusion is a devil’s come on

To dilute the mind of evil thoughts and actions


Soon, I will end this annoying self-pity

It probably will take a chance on ignonimity

No need myself to humiliate but I choose to humble

The self, overcome the tumble and no more stumble.

Everything is temporary and I refuse to be wary.


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