Last night, I attended a memorial service for one of my elementary teachers.-I went very early to where was her body laid for public viewing with the intention both of paying my respect and attend memorial service for her.  I never thought that it would be just an ordinary service for the departed.  I was struck and amazed as I thought that Lord God Jesus is answering my prayers and it was through the reflection of prayer delivered by a UCCP pastor.

I went to the place with heavy heart and dizzy head.  I am experiencing several family problems and evil thoughts are already settling in my mind.  Yes, I still pray regularly the rosary but I still need answers to my problems.  When the pastor finally delivered the reflection, I was impressed at first by the analogy of the “P”s of faith with that of the government’s 4 P’s.  Here’s what I learned about it.

  1. Provision – according to her (the pastor is a lady), God is God of provision. He did not create man to suffer but that is why He provided everything in terms of natural resources where man can eke out a living and earned from it.  The problem is that in most cases men tend to live in excess of what God has provided thus problems like bad credits and exploitation arose.  If we only live according to what God has provided we won’t suffer.

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  2. Peace – when we live according to what God has provided we live in Peace. In other words, “we shall not want.”

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  3. Prayer – an important aspect in Christian life. Without prayer, God will never hear us.  It is through prayer that we can tell God how joyful and grateful we are with blessings we received; it is through prayer that we ask for glory, mercy, and strength.  It is through prayer that we communicate with God and He will understand us.

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  4. Protection – God is always there to protect us. It is just men do not extoll his name when problems occur.  It is important that when people have problems, he should reach out to God so that He can protect those who reach out to him.

    Image from Powerhouse Ministry
  5. Paradise – it is our ultimate destination. It is like COMING HOME again.  For as long as we embrace him as the ultimate Savior, we are always welcome as God put it HIS KINGDOM HAS MANY MANSIONS OR ROOMS.

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I went home feeling better.  I was really affected with the words and further contemplated on those before I slept.  I woke up feeling better and looking forward to share what I heard and learned last night.


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