Here’s an interesting article from the consequence of sound.  According to the article, heavy metal rock band with the help of political activist and director Michael Moore had predicted Trumps winning the presidency.  Here;s a snippet of the article.

Image from Consequence of Sound

“As Billboard points out, in the alt rockers’ 1999 music video for “Sleep Now in the Fire”, a man can be seen proudly holding up a “Donald Trump for President” sign. Not only did RATM have the foreknowledge of such an apocalyptic campaign, but they also had the presence of mind to deride the hell out of it. If you’ll recall, the clip, which was directed by the ever-political and outspoken Michael Moore, depicts a greedy dystopian society where despicable people like — you guessed it — Trump actually have a real shot at winning the White House. Hats off to RATM.”

You can read the entire article on this link.



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