Yes, I still listen to this album from time to time despite the fact that it is already more than 20 years old.

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM                                  :           DOLLARS AND SEX

ARTIST                                  :           THE ESCAPE CLUB

GENRE                                   :           Modern Rock

Date Released            :        1991


The band had relatively mild success with its debut album reaching number 27 in Billboard 200 Album chart and the single “Wild Wild West” hit number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart.  Thus, there was a second album for them.  Nope, this was not a sophomore album for them as their first album White Field was released in 1986. Thus, there is no issue of having a sophomore slump in this record.

Reminisce “Wild Wild West” here

This album did not replicate the success of their second album. However, the band manage to claim another top ten hit from this album with the song “I’ll Be There.” Here is a track by track…

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