I am glad that he has a new album. Hurray!!!!

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM                                  :           57TH AND 9TH

ARTIST                                  :           STING

GENRE                                   :           ROCK/ POP

Date Released                      :        2016


For a veteran and legacy act, it is quite surprising that Sting is still singing about can’t stop thinking and wanting someone.  Thus, one might asked if Sting has desired to be a reboot boy band in this album as the song “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” sounds like a One Direction track.

Watch “I Can’t Stop Thinking About” session in here

I guess, Sting just wanted to venture into familiar territories thus, he sang “rock stars don’t die, they just fade away” in “50,000 which is a song paying homage to rock legends who died such as Prince, Bowie, and Glenn Frey.  The track…

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