One album that for me really stood the test of time.

Alden's Album Review

ALBUM                                 :           COVERS 80’S

ARTIST                                  :           DUNCAN SHEIK

GENRE                                   :           POP / ACOUSTIC

DATE RELEASED                 :           2011


In this album of cover version, Duncan Sheik took the opposite direction and instead of doing it like the original, he chose to make it stripped down.  If you are looking for “Barely Breathing” kind of musical arrangement, you will not find it here.  Another characteristic of this record is that, Sheik, did not follow the obvious.  He did not cover the most popular 80’s songs.  Instead, the songs in here are reflective of his moods during the “me” decade.

Here is a track by track review of the album:

  • Stripped – the acoustic version proves that Depeche Mode songs can be performed stripped down.
  • Hold Me Now – his cover version would make Thompson Twins proud as it did not deviate from the original melody. It is like listening…

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