It is quite unusual for an artist to release  an accompanying music video to promote a music single from current album.  Well, she is Lady Gaga, and she can do anything she wants.  Now, her first music video from her JOANNE album received mixed reviews and loyal fans are wondering if the second single “Million Reasons” will be bigger and better music video than the first one.  The agonizing and waiting for this video was over and finally former pop star now country singer Lady Gaga released the music video of her 2nd single from her fourth chart topping album. Here is my review.

million reasons.png

The Good Ones

There are not much to tell except that finally with this video, there is now an evidence that she is a better actress than Madonna.  While her emotional anguished is not Oscar worthy  but definitely Razzies will not create a new category because of her acting performance in this video.

Oh, wait, there is another one.  While she claimed that she played many musical instruments, this video proved that you really cannot served two masters.

The Bad Ones

Okay, here we go.

  1.  I don’t know but it seems that story line or lack of it seems been done a million times.  Thus, you have this funny feeling that you saw this video a million times already.
  2. She was supposed to impress a live performance when images of her were flashed on screen with her doing some guitar movements.  However, I say, that it was not a live performance but rather a photo shoot that went awry.
  3. Her frequent flashing of number 1 sign is so annoying that you anyone thought she is asking someone to kiss her point finger and relieved her anguish.
  4. Her country or rock star performance is something is so forced that it she looks like a mockery itself.
  5. The video showed what her haters suspected that she lacked money to finance a decent video along the likes of Bad Romance and Born This Way.
  6. The video is just awful when you consider that like Madonna, Lady Gaga has produced iconic videos.
  7. The video is like a music video coming from a breakthrough artist not of an artist of her caliber and stature.


Let us just hope that this video will save the single from being anonymous for good this time.



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