Yesterdat,  December 18, 2016 was indeed a coming  home for me.  It might be a yearly affair to some but as  for myself, it was my first time to return to  my high school Alma Mater.  I graduated in 1983 and the last time I went back was a year after to get my Transcript of Records and Form 138.  Of course, there are huge changes and it would take a very long article to enumerate the changes.  However, I came back not to be mindful of the changes.

I( came back because I was  convinced by my newly reunited classmates and batchmates to attend the annual Grand Alumni Homecoming of Davao City National High School. And, I am not a wasteful person, a cousin of my paid for my ticket so there was no reason for me not to attend the homecoming.

Nearly a decade ago, I wrote in my blog about meeting friends and other things that matter (as my tribute for 1983 batch who hosted the Grand Alumni Homecoming) “It provides us the arena to compare and contrast our lives.  And most of all, it provides us the prescription to be young again.”  (You can read the entire article HERE.) Indeed, for several hours we were young in looks, in attitude, and in our feelings.  These pictures are proof of that emotion.


Enjoy the pictures and tell me I was wrong that these people indeed look young.



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