It seems that 2016 is a bad year for music.  This year saw a lot of musical legends died and created emptiness as their talents and musical output were difficult to replace or fill in.  Few more days and it’s 2017, yet another musical icon is gone.  George Michael left this world at the age of 53 years and apparently it would be his Last Christmas on Earth.  Who would have thought that his holiday song will be a prophetic one for him. It is one of the most played contemporary holiday tracks ever proving that George Michael, despite some missteps, is indeed a musical legend.  Here are my 10 favorite songs from him:

  • Careless Whisper – when this song was released, it was billed as Wham featuring George Michael.  The song made sax sexy again at that time it was released.  It drowned out the sax music of that Glen Frey song “The One You Love.”
  • Kissing A Fool – before Buble and Groban, George made a sentimental journey where love songs were indeed love songs.
  • I’m Your Man – for me this song is anti-manly perhaps due to the fact that at the time this song was popular, like Michael, I was hiding inside myself.
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – i will never forget this song as this is one of the songs I danced to when I was in college.
  • Jesus To A Child – I love the orchestral background in this song and it is a very reflective song for me.
  • Fast Love – a song that totally describe the 90’s musically.
  • If I Told You That – with Whitney Houston in the house, no one can argue that this is one for all time list.
  • I Knew You Were Waiting For Me – a duet with great Aretha Franklin proved that George has no musical reservations and insecurities.
  • Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – his cover version of an Elton John song is a testament on how one should make a cover version of a legendary song of a musical icon.
  • Freedom – complemented with a David Fincher video, the song is supposed to destroy his Elvis image which he propagated in FAITH album.

There you go.  I hope you share agreement with some of the songs I listed as my favorite George Michael songs.


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