Professionally, nothing significant happened to me last year.  However, in terms of personal affairs, I say that 2016 was rewarding because I am still connected and reconnected not only with my friends, barkadas, gang, and bff but also with my relatives.  Here are some photos that highlight what a great year 2016 for me was:

There were many great pictures during the Bula Clan Family Reunion of 2016 but this is the one where I was most passionate about.  These three guys were my nephews and are studying to follow the footsteps of my father.

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These coffee mugs represents how large my gladness was in 2016 especially in my family and clan.  We were able to hold our annual reunion for two decades now and it gets better and better each year.

These friends of mine have been there; when I was up they were there and they did not leave me when I was down.  Thank you very much.

Alden Bula's photo.

While only few made it to our annual December reunion, still I am glad that I was able to stay connected with my elementary classmates.  I am hopeful that all the pictures posted in our Facebook group will motivate other classmates and  batchmates to attend 2017 reunion.

I say that to be able to celebrate Christmas day together is no mean feat especially if you no longer have your parents.  I believed that other orphaned friends share the same sentiments.

2016 will go down as one of the most significant years in my life as finally I was able to complete a 9 day Simbang Gabi.

Gay Cortez Enriquez's photo.

After 8 years, I attended a grand alumni homecoming of Davao City National High School.  I would like to thank my cousins Eleonor Bula Cameron and Ana Luth Tancio Bula for sponsoring my ticket and T-shirt respectively. I had a great time meeting old friends again.

'Baby that butt Hindi Lang pals wings nag improve just look at my butt now hahaha'

I believed that this picture says it all with regard to my achievements with my physical fitness activities.

Alden Bula's photo.Alden Bula's photo.

This picture says why 2016 is one of the best years of my life.  A reunion with my high school buddies.  This is the Part 11 of the planned reunion in 2016.

Alden Bula's photo.

The shirt I wore in this photo is a testament that you have to ask in order to have it.

'Nag pahilot ako and it was kinda painful so I was whispering ARAY, OUCH, UGH, HAIST, AGAY, AND other words that suggest pain. And this little guy in picture, went down from his high chair, and made kalabit to the one who massaged me and told him "dahan dahan lang, yayay LOLO!!!" I was touched I FELT SO LOVED hehehehehehhe.''I am looking forward to our own brand of kulitan Frederick Edward.  I know you will be a strong kid because your first name initials are Fe which is the chemical symbol of IRON.  God forbid if it would me FE as FE Spanish for faith.  Hahahahahhahaha!!!!!'

These two kids made me realized what I was missing in my life;  well one of those hahahahaha.

Gemmarie Salubre Bula's photo.

Filipinos are known as KBL’s; they only gather during kasal (wedidng), binyag (baptism), and lubong (funeral).  It was unfortunate that Ate Nelly and I met at a funeral but of course we were both happy as the last time that we last saw each other was in 1991.

Sue-san A. Salubre's photo.

This picture showed that I do have ways with kids.  Suplado daw kasi ang batang ito but he saw me as ka-aya ayang lolo.  Yes, lolo ang tawag niya sa akin.

Efren Al Mazo's photo.

My heart was indeed filled with gladness having breakfast with these people;  They were my colleagues in Zamboanga City which I spent one of the most fruitful years professionally and personally.

Alden Bula's photo.

This is Part 1 of my 2016 high school reunion.I bet many of you are jealous of the scene in the picture. Hahahahahaha. !!!!

Alden Bula's photo.

I found it difficult to swallow.  Who wouldn’t when boys and chocolates are molded together, hahahahahaha!!!.

Jeni Collantes's photo.

One of the highlights in 2016 is when this lady (Susan Logatoc Tomimbang) went back to Davao and included me in one of her sojourns.  I felt the privileged of being a friend to her.

Elisa Lasay's photo.

Three of the best buddies, in my Bula family.

Ca Ca's photo.

You knew that you are part of their friendship when NO is not a word they will accept from you.

'Thanks Buboy!'

Meeting two great cousins is indeed fun.  Here, I am with Rod Bula and Dennis Bula Domingo.

Nilo Ceniza Obenza's photo.

You know that you have indeed moved on when you can pose in a group picutre along with some people who hurt you.  Hurt daw!!!!.

Alden Bula's photo.

2016 is indeed a great year for me and this picture is one of those reasons why last year was very awesome for me.

Joy Peña Paladio's photo.

A wedding is one great way for Pinoys to meet friends; old friends specially.  Hello Paul and Joy.  Louie , hello din hehehehe.

Jeni Collantes's photo.

You know that you are indeed deeply rooted in their lives when a homecoming is not complete without you.  Hope to see you again Lorna Virrey.

Fidel M. Somoza's photo.

It is 17 years since we became friends.  It is not easy I tell you when you want to become friends with this formidable person.

Image may contain: 27 people, people smiling

It’s our first summer outing of Davao City National High School Batch 83.  One good reason why 2016, ranks up there as one of the best years of my life.

Jenna Pascual's photo.

A friend of a friend who happen to be friends with this friend is not an excuse why your friendship will not last long.  I say I was glad that I made friends with them.

Ron Jrdnl's photo.

The first debut party of my godchild ever.  Thank you Dana for making me a a part of your memorable moment in your life.

Brick-Nimfa Go-Enciso's photo.

Meeting some of my drinking buddies during the nineties.  It was an awesome night although, three of them no longer drink but only smoke. Hahahahah














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