Malte was my mother’s mentor when she did her time with Maharishi Mahish Yogi group.  She met this German friend in Davao City while introducing Maharishi principles way back during the eighties years before EDSA revolution occurred.  I mention People Power because my mom believed then that the even happened because of common consciousness, which is the essence of Maharishi; the unified field.


You said

Parting is dying a little bit

But you and I own

An infinite land

That separates us never

For only the blackest

And oldest crows die

But fresh birds live on forever

Image from wikimediacommons

Goodbye, dear friend

But not forever

Save your sadness

Save the tears

People say laugh

If you fail to cry


Goodbye, dearest friend

I love you so well

Can the clouds hide the sky

Or can the desert hide

What’s in the well?

Can the flower hide

The open palm?

its a plane.png

When you’re away

Think of me

Not only in joy

But when you’re in pain

I shall come

My great spiritual friend

Into your consciousness

Each moment of the day


This line I write

In sad refrain

For I shall not see you again

Goodbye my friend

I’ll see you in time



Note:  all images otherwise indicated are personal property of this blogger.

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