Each time you drink tap water, you did not realize that it is not as clean as you thought it to be. Of course, you knew it very well as there won’t be proliferation of bottled water claiming that it is the healthiest, purest, and safest water.  Apparently, according to a new study published in NEW SCIENTIST, Sept 16, 2016 issue, the water that you drink is loaded with medicines.  Yes, you read it right; MEDICINES.

Drinking Medicines In Water

Image from CBC

According to the article, people unwittingly drink up a tiny dose of medicine when they drink water.  Each day, people drink up drug molecules that were excreted and flushed through different waterways and sewage systems.  The article stated that current water analysis revealed that there is an apothecary of medicines that are streamed in this waterworks such as diabetic meds, opioids, muscle relaxant, pain reliever, analgesic, antibiotics, anti-depressants just to name a few.  While the amount that one drinks is really minuscule, however, the effect of multiple drugs streaming in water system somehow may affect people when taken regularly.

What are the implications of the study

Image from DreamsTime

While all of the drug molecule discovered and were analyzed came from approved drugs and medications, it is still unknown if there are potential harmful effects of these molecules to people. The study stated that individually, these molecules may not be harmful but once lumped together with other drug molecules, there goes the problem or problems.  The article pointed out that 30 years ago, endocrine disruptors were ignored and this artificial substance were linked to breast cancer and abnormal developments among children.  Now, drug cocktails streaming in our water system should not be ignored as there might be potential mind-boggling disasters about too erupt soon.

What other countries are doing?

The solutions that experts are pointing out is that there should be a collaborative effort when it comes to upgrading water system. Water treatment facilities should be improved and advanced. Switzerland has done it but it cost the country $1 Billion to do so. The report suggested that it is for the public to decide if they want to get rid of the drug cocktails in the water system.  During an environment conference held in Paris, there was a call for green pharmaceutical and urge pharma firms to discover new molecules that are water soluble for example.

Image from Swiss Water Partnership

Indeed, the issue that the article “DRINK UP; DOSE UP” published by New Scientist Magazine dated Sept 16, 2016 is indeed alarming.  Let us act now while it is too early if we want healthy water that we drink.







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