IBAT IBANG NORA AUNOR.jpgAs of this writing, the legendary, internationally recognized best actress, phenomenal, iconic, and one and only superstar of Philippine movies Nora Aunor has already appeared in more than 180 movies whether as lead actress, in supporting role, cameo appearance, and guest starring roles. Her filmography consisted of excellent cinematic movies and of course bad movies as well especially during her heydays.  Thus, it is only logical that one has a list of 50 Nora Aunor movies that matter.  Why 50?  Because,, 2017 is her silver anniversary in Pinoy showbizlandia and this is a tribute to her vast body of movie works.

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  1. All Over The World (1967) – this is her first movie appearance and one can say that she really sang her way to the top.
  2. Young Girl (1969) – before this movie, Nora Aunor appeared in several movie potboilers with Tirso Cruz III but it is in this movie that they first appeared as a love team

    Image from Video48
  3. D’ Musical Teenage Idols (1969) – the movie that launched Guy and Pip to official movie stardom. It was a gamble by Director Artemio Marquez and the risk paid off.
  4. Young Love (1970) – the first and only movie that starred Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos together with their reel partners.young-love-from-video48blogspot
  5. Nasaan Ka Inay (1970) the movie that gave Nora Aunor her first acting nomination and it was from Citizens Council for Mass Media.
  6. Tomboy Nora (1970)– her first dual role in a movie and one of those rare occasions at that time where she is paired with another actor and introducing at that.
  7. A Gift of Love (1971) – the movie that earned Nora Aunor her first acting nomination from FAMAS.

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  8. Guy and Pip (1971) – the movie that broke unprecendent box – office records and so far the only movie that was shown for 6 months in cinemas.
  9. Lollipops and Roses (1971) – her first movie that was shot in the US. Her first movie with Victor Laurel and first with Hollywood actor Don Johnson.

    Image from PEP.ph
  10. My Blue Hawaii (1971) – the first Guy and Pip filmed abroad. They did another movie and was filmed during 1972 Winter Olympics.
  11. And God Smiled At Me (1972) – the movie that earned for Nora and Tirso their first acting awards.
  12. Carmela (1973) – the first movie that she produced under her very own NV Productions.
  13. Fe Esparanza Caridad (1973) – the first movie that Nora Aunor was directed by three National Artists; Gerry de Leon, Lamberto Avellana, and Cirio H. Santiago.

    From Wikipedia
  1. Erap Is My Guy (1973) – her first movie with Joseph Estrada. They starred together in Bakya Mo Neneng (1977) which was the second movie of Nora Aunor that won a Famas Best Picture trophy.  They made a movie together in the early nineties titled “Victory Joe” and was directed by the late Marilou Diaz Abaya but it never saw the light of day.
  2. Super Gee (1973) – if Vilma had Darna series, Nora Aunor also had her own super hero role in this movie. Unfortunately, her super hero costume was something that even Pitoy Moreno could not save from a disaster.

    From pelikulaatbp
  3. Banaue (1974) – her first movie with Christopher De Leon who ended up as her husband after the movie was shown.
  4. Nino Valiente (1975) – the first movie directed by Nora Aunor. She directed one movie in the early nineties but it was not known if the movie was finished or not. It was supposed to be called THE GREATEST PERFORMANCE OF MY LIFE.
  5. Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos (1976) – the movie that gave her first grandslam Best Actress trophy; at this time, there were only two award giving bodies. She received her first Famas and Urian acting trophies with this movie.
  6. Minsa’s Isang Gamu-Gamo (1976) – noted for her iconic movie dialogue “my brother is not a pig.” But, it is also known as her first movie to win a Best Picture award from Famas.
  7. Kaming Matatapang Ang Apog (1976) – the first movie that both Nora and Dolphy starred which was not an all – star cast movie.
  8. Bakekang (1977) – if Vilma Santos had Kampanerang Kuba where prosthetics were used to totally deglamorize her, Nora Aunor had this movie where she was totally ugly from beginning to end.

    personal artwork with images collated from various online sources
  9. Little Christmas Tree (1977) – her first and only movie with Fernando Poe Jr and was entered during that year’s edition of Metro Manila Film Festival.
  10. Pag-Ibig Ko’ Awitin Mo (1977) – her first movie with Drama King Eddie Rodriguez.

    From Video48
  11. Atsay (1978) – the movie that gave her the first Best Performer trophy from Metro Manila Film Festival and she went on to win the same award from other award giving body.
  12. Ikaw Ay Akin (1978) – the first full length movie that she starred with arch-rival Vilma Santos in mature roles. They did another movie in the same year but Vilma only appeared towards where she was shown finally to have caught Orestes Ojeda.ikaway akn.jpg
  13. Huwag Hamakin Hostess (1978) – probably an offbeat role for Nora Aunor who played a hostess in order to pay for a lover’s school tuition. But, the movie became a landmark movie as it was the only movie where the three reigning movie queens in the 70’s appeared and acted together in one movie.huwag hamakin hostess.jpg
  14. Mahal Mo, Mahal Ko (1978) – the movie that brought Nora, Tirso and Christopher. Mother Lily had to pay the three of them generously in order to agree to star in this movie.
  15. Ina Ka Ng Anak M0 (1979) – her first movie with Lolita Rodriguez and her first movie where she won and tied with another actress for the Best Actress trophy.
  16. Annie Batungbakal (1979) – the first movie that showed Ate Guy her dancing prowess.annie batungbakal.jpg
  17. Bona (1980) – her first movie that was shown in an international film festival; Cannes Film Festival.
  18. Kastilyong Buhangin (1980) – her first movie with Senator Lito Lapid. They made another movie in 1981 called “Gaano Kita Kamahal.”nora and lito.jpg
  19. Himala (1982) – her first movie that was shown and entered into competition in Berlin Film Festival.
  20. Till We Meet Again (1984) – her reunion movie with erstwhile love team Tirso Cruz III. The movie was a super blockbuster hit at that time prompting news headlines like MOVIE FANS ARE SCREAMING AGAIN.till we meet again .jpg
  21. I Love You Mama, I Love You Papa (1986) – the only movie where she and ex-husband Christopher De Leon along with their legitimate and adopted children starred in one movie.
  22. Halimaw (1986) – the only movie where she had a role but was not credited instead she was credited as executive producer of this movie. The “KOMIKS” episode was noted for being the first to tackle about time travel with important historical figure before Hollywood’s Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure was produced.download.jpg
  23. Penoy Balut (1988) – before this movie, no one dared to call a bad Nora Aunor movie as such. Thus, I think this was the first movie that critics dared to call as one of the worst movies not only by Regal Films and Nora Aunor standards but of all times too.
  24. Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit – the movie that earned her a tie for Gawad Urian Best Actress Award with Vilma Santos.
  25. Andrea, Paano Ba Maging Isang Ina (1991) – the movie that gave her duly recognized grand slam Best Actress trophy.andrea-nora
  26. Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M (1992) –the movie that could have won her second grand slam Best Actress trophy if not for Vilma Santos’s “Ipagpatawad Mo” which earned Ate Vi the Urian Best Actress trophy.
  27. The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995) – the movie that gave Philippines and Nora Aunor a Best Actress trophy from a top tier international film festival.
  28. Babae (1997) – her reunion movie with her MInsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo director, the great Lupita Concio.

    Image from Video48
  29. Naglalayag (2005) – the last Nora Aunor film to win a Famas Best Picture Trophy.
  30. Thy Womb (2012) – her first movie that was shown and part of the competition of Venice Film Festival. The movie also gave her 4 International Best Actress trophies. This movie was also noted as one of those rare Filipino films shot entirely in the southernmost part of the country.
  31. Ang Kuwento Ni Mabuti (2013) – her first movie that enabled her to speak in Ilocano from start to finish.
  32. Dementia (2014) – movie experts lauded this movie as her first psychological – horror thriller film but Nora fanatics would asked “ how about “Magandang Gabi Sa Inyong Lahat (1975)?”
  33. Kinabukasan (2014) – this movie was recognized as Nora’s first venture into short film and was directed by Adolf Alix Jr.
  34. Padre De Pamilya (2015) – so far her only finished movie that wasn’t shown in commercial theaters in the Philippines. Perhaps, this could be the first direct to video Nora Aunor movie.nora and coco.jpg
  35. Taklub (2015) – her only film that won a Best Picture trophy from Gawad Urian.
  36. Hinulid (2016) – her first film where she spoke her native tongue (Bicolana) in the entire film.
  37. Tuos (2016) – her first movie that combined live and animated action and also her first Hiligaynon speaking movie role.


Again, this is a personal choice and this is not about best Nora Aunor movies. This is just a list of Nora’s movies that matter to me personally.






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