Few  more days, and there will be a new Miss Universe.  It remains to be seen if   there  will be another Steve Harry moment.  But, what is sure, there will be Miss Universe  jokes.  Here  is my favorite one:  (credit to original owner or composer of this joke.)

The abridged version taken from  (http://topfun.mobi/blogs/read/?s=csdwvtpqs&blog=21034)

miss universe pageant
MC: what is the essence of a woman?
Ms.venezuela: porque me regla con todo pacasta ma importante birgen ca pa.
Ms.puertorico: perfecta figura mala importante malaki poque.
Ms.philippines: areva filipina higa kung may chansa importante may pera ka.

The longer  version taken from https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208379591544152&set=a.3267810850902.2125264.1136225529&type=3&theater


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