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When Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Steve Harry finally shared the stage on this year’s Miss Universe, there was a light banter between the two and both of them thanking each other. The unfortunate event that occurred during 2015 Miss Universe, made each other famous; she as the most famous Miss Universe ever and him as the most hated event’s host of all time.  But, as they say, “all is well that ends well.”

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Indeed, 2017 Miss Universe was a lesson on moving not only for the persons involved in the final stretch of the contest but to the whole humanity as well.  Steve showed to the world that owning the mistake and accepting the blame and responsibility was the best part of moving on.  In addition, offering your apology to the offended parties may not absolve you of the mistake that you made but, it will definitely make people forget the pain that it caused.

Image from Hollywood Life

So, the whole competition was probably one of the funniest and in your face edition due to Steve Harvey’s making fun of himself. This way he made people forget about how he misread the cue cards.  And to put some showbiz factor on it, the outgoing Miss Universe from the Philippines went back to the stage and gave him his reading glasses.  It was funny moment but it sealed the whole thing as closed book and finally Miss France was crowned as the 65th Miss Universe.

I guess, those who have problems with moving on with their lives should take a cue with Steve Harvey’s experiences.  He just showed how simple it is indeed for one to move on.


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