Here is the continuation of the article.  If you miss on part one, click on this link https://denal.wordpress.com/2017/02/11/50-men-of-nora-aunor-part-one/

From : dokumentaryonijuantagalogweekly.com

31.  Ace Vergel – he was billed as Ace York in one of Nora Aunor early movies.  They appeared in Annie Sabungera (1982.)

from world news.jpg

32.  .Reycard Duet – the famous duo who became famous in Las Vegas, had one movie with the superstar.  They made“Ibalik ang Swerti” (1981).  The movie was produced by Nora Aunor and the story was created by the superstar herself.

Image from Letterboxd

33.  Rolly Quizon – they made several movies together either as a love team or not.  Their movies were “Bongga Ka Day,” “Jack and Jill of The Third Kind,” and “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo.”

Nora and Anthony in “Reyna ng Pitong Gatang. Credit to OOCities

34.  Anthony Alonzo – yes, it was indeed true that movie actors then were considered to have an incomplete portfolio if they do not have a movie with Nora Aunor.  Anthony Alonzo who went on to become a revered action star and award winning actor was one of the two leading men of Nora Aunor in “Reyna ng Pitong Gatang (1980.)”

35.  Robert Jaworski – sports and cinema are two of the most favorite forms of entertainment among Filipinos.  At the height of PBA’s popularity in the 70’s, only the TV show of Nora Aunor could meet it head to head.  You must have heard thousands of stories how mom and dad made compromise in order to watch both shows during Sundays.   Thus, it was not surprising if Nora and The Big J would share movie billings.  In fact, they appeared in two movies together namely, Sapagkat Kami’y Mga Misis Lamang (1976) and Dobol Dribol (1979.)big-j-and-nora

36.  Orestes Ojeda – he was the hottest male bold star of his generation.  Nora and Orestes shared screen credits in the movie “Huwag Hamakin Hostess” (1978.)  The movie is not only known as the first adult oriented movie of Nora Aunor but it was the only movie where the most popular female stars of the seventies appeared in one movie not just in an omnibus movie.

From : nostalgiamanila2

37 .Ed Finlan – as of this writing, this erstwhile leading man of Nora Aunor in the seventies figured in a news recently due to accusation of sexual harassment.  Every avid Noranian knows that Ed Finlan is not the first leading man of Nora Aunor who has questionable sexual preference.  Anyways, the two made “Ang Waray at Ang Talyada” in 1971.

Image from Video

38.  Ricky Belmonte – Nora Aunor and Ricky Belmonte appeared in several potboilers such as “Cinderella A Go Go ” (1967) before they made “My Prayer” (1971).  The movie was directed by Artemio Marquez.

My Prayer-71- Nora A-sf.jpg

From: Geocities.ws

39.  Johnny Delgado – Nora and Johnny made quality movies together.  They first appeared together in “Banaue (1975)” which was produced by Nora and then they made the great classic movie “Mga Uod At Rosas (1981) from the same company that produced Nora’s “Atsay” Ian Films.

From: OOCities

40.  .Ronaldo Valdez – he was part of Nora’s first trilogy movie “Fe Esperanza at Caridad” (1974). In this movie, Ronaldo Valdez was the gardener in the convent whom Caridad fell in love with.  She later on discovered that the gardener and the devil were one and the same and the Devil made her life turned into hell.  Then, the year after that they appeared together in “Banaue.”


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