Here is the third part of my 50 Men of Nora Aunor which is all about the 50 most important leading men of Nora Aunor.  You can read the first part on this link and the second part is on this link

21.  Ronald Corveau – He was one of the few actors who can lend screen support to Nora Aunor without romantically being involved. They made “Atsay,” and “Si Mahal Ko Nakikialam Ka Na Naman.”

From :

22.  Yul Servo – it was supposed to be a controversial pairing as Yul Servo was several decades her junior. Perhaps, it was due to her departure to the US after “Naglalayag” was shown and they were not able to make more movies together.

From: YouTube

23.  Paolo Romero – he was an unknown when he was cast as Nora’s leading man in “Aking Maria Clara.” But, Nora was so popular that movies with unknown leading men were making producers happy.

From: Video48

24.  Ricky Davao – before Kabisera, they appeared in several movies together while both were still younger. They appeared together in Rock and Roll, Bulaklak sa City Jail, Minsan May Isang Ina, Muling Umawit Ang Puso.

From : Rappler

25.  Tommy Abuel – when they were so young, they appeared in Carnival Song and Paru-Parong Itim. Later, they appeared as client and lawyer team in T-Bird at Ako.


26.  Raoul Aragon – many thought that he was an unknown actor when Lino Brocka casted him as the male object in the mother and daughter love fiasco in “Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo.” In fact, he already appeared in several Nora Aunor movies such as “Young Love (1970) and “Pag-Ibig Ko’y Awitin Mo (1978.)

From: Missosology

27.  Eddie Rodriguez – the King of Drama movies had successful movies with Vilma Santos. Of course, Nora has to share topbilling with him and they made “Pag-Ibig Ko’y Awitin Mo” in 1977.

From: Video 48

28.  Nick Romano – He played a supporting role in Nora’s “Ikaw Ay Akin.” But, he was Nora’s leading man in the movie “Ibilanggo si Neneng Magtanggol” in 1977.

From: Wixsite

29.  Dan Alvaro – they were not romantic partners in the only movie that they did together. They were brother and sister team trying to survive the urban jungle in “Condemned.” It was one of the most critical and commercially successful movies of Nora Aunor during the 80’s.

From: Wikipedia

30.  Dennis Roldan – he showed a lot of promise in “Bakit Bughaw ang Langit.” It was an important movie of Nora Aunor during the eighties.


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