Here is the fourth part of The Men of Nora Aunor series as a tribute article on her forthcomng 50th year in Philippines showbizlandia. You can read other parts of this article in the following links:

walter and nora
From: FamousFix

11.      Walter Navarro–perhaps it was all about patronizing Nora’s fans penchant for her to be paired with handsome actors thus, Walter Navarro acted with her in several movies. He was called “”POGI” by his adoring fans at that time. Nora and Walter made Dito Sa Aking Puso,  and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

From Superstar Nora Aunor Fan Site
From: Superstar Nora Aunor Fan Site

12.    Mat Ranillo III – their team –up was unique in a sense that they appeared in comedy films that proved Nora has natural flair for comedy. Nora and Mat made Darling Buntis Ka Na Naman and Palengke Queen. They also appeared together in Mga Mata Ni Anghelita.



Ang Tsimoy at ang Tambay-79-Nora from video 48
From: Video 48

13.    Rey Malonzo – this actor was known as the other Bruce Lee of Philippine movies. He and the Superstar appeared in “Ang Tsimay at Ang Tambay (1979). They were billed together in “Mga Mata Ni Anghelita” too.  During Nora’s peak, it was a great honor for male actors to become one of her leading men.  Rey Malonzo ended up as one of those Nora’s leading men who ended up in politics too.

scenes in the city
From: Scenes In The City

14    Lloyd Samartino – he created a sensation when he was launched as an actor during late seventies. Thus, it was also expected that he would appear in one of Nora Aunor’s film as Nora’s camp had this penchant for pairing her with mestizo or good looking actors at that time. The fans were so enamored with their tandem that they made several movies together namely;  Annie Batungbakal, Bongga Ka Day, Rock and Roll, Naglalayag, Andrea, Paano Ba Ang Maging Isang Ina, and Reyna ng Pitong Gata.

from revelations and revelries
From: Revelations and Revelries

15.    Philip Salvador – they appeared in BONA which was one of the greatest films for both of them. They made “Nakaw Na Pag-ibig” in the early eighties. When you watch these two movies, you would sigh and tell yourself that it was a pity that they did not make so many movies together as they look good together.

image from YouTube
From: YouTube

16.    Gabby Concepcion – like in the case of Lloyd Samartino, Nora’s fans were clamoring for their idol to make a movie together with the current most popular hearthrob of his generation. And so they did “Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis” which made Mother Lily so very happy with the box-office results.



from SiNoraATBP.jpg

17.    Rico J. Puno – He was the most popular singer during the OPM days. He was a singing sensation and that calls for him to appear in a movie with another singing sensation too. Nora and Rico did “Silang Mga Mukhang Pera” and “Disco Baby” which were both made in 1977.

panakip butas from Video48.jpg

18.    Hadji Alejandro – He was the “Kilabot ng Mga Kolehiyala” during the peak of his singing career. Naturally, he was destined to appear with the Singing Idol of the Masses. They made “Panakip Butas” together during the late seventies.

nora and sajid from pinterest
From: Pinterest

19.    Sajid Khan – not only that they did a movie together. They even got romantically entangled even after “The Singing Filipina” (1970) was released.

Image from BigOWorldwide.jpg

20.    Albert Martinez – He made his mark with Nora Aunor appearing in one of the most underrated film of Nora which was SIDHI. He was so good in this movie that Nora’s fans were clamoring for more films with him. They had one of the most memorable scenes in Philippine cinema; the one where he, Guy, and Glydel slept together.

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