Fifty years in show business is quite an achievement.  Although, there were stars before her who already achieved silver anniversary in showbiz like Vilma Santos and others but none of them can claim that theirs was significant.  In the first place, Nora Aunor is an antithesis of what a movie queen should; much less a movie star.  Nobody then thought that this “little brown girl” would shake up Philippine showbiz.

Fifty years and more than 180 movies, she was paired with many prominent actors and some ended up having relationship with her.  But that is not the main idea of this article. This is a list of 50 important actors who acted as leading men in many of her important movies. Here are 50 leading men of Nora Aunor that matters:  Here are the links for other parts of this article series on Nora’s leading men in the movies.

nora and tirso.jpg

  1. Tirso Cruz III – he of the Guy and Pip love tandem that became the most famous loveteam in Pinoy showbiz. Tirso appeared in more than two dozens of films with Nora Aunor. Initially, their first movies during the seventies were potboilers that made critics cringed but were lapped and adored by fans.  Later in the 90’s, the pair made critically and commercially acclaimed “Bilangin Ang Mga Bituin Sa Langit” which earned acting trophies for both of them.nora and boyet.png
  2. Christopher de Leon – the leading man whom Nora got married. While their team-up were not as successful with that of Vi and Boyet, the two made some good films like “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos,” “Bakit May Pag-Ibig Pa (The Bernal Episode),” and “Ikaw Ay Akin.”nora and manny
  3. Manny de Leon –she made several movies with this scion of LVN Pictures and all made money at the box-office. Fans were screaming in ten of the 18 movies that Nora Aunor made in 1970. Their first movie together was “Nora Single Girl.” Their other movies were; “Nora In Wonderland,” “Tell Nora I Love Her,” and “Around Asia with Nora” to name a few.
  4. Victor Laurel – watching Nora and Victor movies is like watching soul mates in romantic situations. They first acted together in “Lollipops and Roses” which is also noted for having young Don Johnson as part of the movie. They made more movies together like Lollipops and Roses at Burong Talangka, Impossible Dream, and of course the first Lollipops and Roses.nora and victor laurel.jpg
  5. Bembol Roco – here is another soul mate team-up. There is a unique chemistry between  Nora  and Bembol.  Perhaps,  it  is  the way  they act   with  their eyes. Rafael  Roco  (Bembol))   acted in three  of Nora’’s critically acclaimed films; Tatlong  Taong Walang Diyos,  Merika,   and  Thy Womb.

    nora and bembol.jpg
    Image from Brillante Mendoza website
  6. Jay Ilagan – He was known then as the other half of Hilda Koronel. Here is another actor that blended well with Nora.  Probably because his aura  did not overshadow Nora when they appeared in a scene together.  He was  in Minsa’’s Isang Gamu-Gamo, Fe, Esperanza, Caridad in Esperanza episode of this trilogy, Kondesang Basahan and Beloved.  

    nora and jay
    From: Celebrities Corner
  7. Fernando Poe Jr – a movie queen reign  is not complete if she  did not have  a movie with D King himself. This is why Vilma, Sharon, and Maricel had movies with FPJ.Nora and Fernando Poe appeared in blockbuster  movie Little Christmas Tree.

    nora and fjp
    From : Pelikula ATBP
  8. Joseph Estrada – Theirs was a tumultuous affair. Nora and the former president made Erap Is My Guy, Bakya Mo Neneng,   and the unreleased Victory Joe directed  by Marilou Diay Abaya. They had romantic relationship and she turned her back on him during EDSA II.  They had kissed and made up when she made her comeback in 2012.

    nora and lito lapid
  9. Lito Lapid – it was already predicted at that time that no sooner that the male Nora Aunor would be paired with the superstar. And true to it, Nora and the future Senator then started the eighties with one of the greatest blockbuster movie of all times; Kastilyong Buhangin.

    NORA AND dolphy
    From: PEP
  10. Dolphy – another movie legend that had great success with Nora. According to some movie critics, their movie My Bugoy Goes To Congress was one of the best movies about Philippine politics. It is kind of a pity that many fans were not aware of the soundtrack which according to Mario Baustista has good lyrics. The song that she sang inside the Batasan Hall proclaiming Bugoy’s run for congress. Dolphy and Nora also Kaming Matatapang ang Apog and Jack and Jill of the Third Kind was catchy.





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