Going on to her 50th year in showbusiness, Nora Aunor is still a newsmaker.  Even if she shied away from showbiz (when she went on hiatus in the US for 8 years), people would still talk about her.  Thus, as part of my tribute article on her forthcoming GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY in showbiz, allow me to enumerate the most important Nora Aunor news or events.  This is based on personal judgment, thus readers be forwarned with your reactions.

Nora Aunor (Riding a Moonbeam to Fame, June 17, 1967)
From: pelikula atbp
  1. Nora Aunor wins as Grand Champion of Tawag ng Tanghalan – there is no need for me to explain further why this one is number on my list.  This is the first great news that started it all; NORAMANIA.bona.jpg
  2. Nora shines at Cannes Filmfest – she may not be the first actress to win a best actress award in an international filmfest or competed in a first tier film festival, she made her mark in the international film festival.  To date, Nora is the most awarded Filipino performer in terms of international recognition. She even earned different monicker such as “acting legend’ and “Grand Dame of Philippine Cinema” because her brand of acting is internationally recognized.

    From: Inquirer Entertainment
  3. Nora starred in landmark film “Himala.”  – over the years the movie redeemed itself from several acting defeats of Nora Aunor when the movie competed with another Ishmael Bernal film “Relasyon.”  Nora’s movie went on to win as Asia’s best movie of all time while the other movie was just a passing note in local cinema.  As years go by, many have recognized the fact that the movie was really underrated at that time.
  4. Nora emerged victorious in The Flor Contemplacion Story.  The movie restored her box-office glory and created her own brand of Acting Grand Slam Win.
    Image from: Alchetron

    video 48 nora launched movie

  5. Nora Aunor launched into stardom – thanks to Direk Artemio Marquez for his instinct.  Without him, probably there wouldn’t be a Nora Aunor in the first place.  It was him who notice her great potential.  Before this movie, she was just cast in potboilers or as fillers in some Sampaguita movies.
  6. Guy and Pip broke box – office records – according to movie experts, this is probably the highest grossing movie in the local cinema.  Factoring all inflation and economic factors, the movie would have grossed more than P500 Million in todays standards and money rate.

    Guy and Pip-71-sf
    Image from: Chronicles of My Oddity
  7. Tirso gifted Nora with Maria Leonora Teresa doll – before the Jennifer doll of Jollibee, there was MLT; the most famous doll of all times.
  8. Nora Aunor married Christopher de Leon – what made this event very newsworthy as it caught everyone flatfooted as Noranians expected that Guy and Pip would end up as reel and real love team. The marriage ceremony was even unique as it was perhaps the first time Pinoys witness a beach wedding.  beach weddnng.jpg

    GMA network
    Image from GMA Network
  9. Nora Aunor collaborated with Brillante Mendoza – it was only a matter of time that Brillante would make a movie with Nora Aunor but none expected that it would be soon.  The movie fared badly at local box-office but one cannot downplay the impact it made.  In this movie, Nora Aunor and Brillante Mendoza won several accolades from different corners of the earth.  “Thy Womb” is not only a landmark film for Nora Aunor but of the entire movie industry.  The movie paved way for other big names to do indie films; rememer Ekstra?

    nora cleared
    Image from World News
  10. Nora Aunor arrested in the US – not good news but objectively speaking, this is an important event among Noranians as it broke the hearts of millions of them.  In addition, this event tested the faith of Nora Aunor fans; perhaps this even was a deciding point for them, whether to stay as Noranian or not.  Perhaps, it was the plea of Boy Abunda to understand her that convinced thousands of Noranians to remain loyal with the Superstar of Philippine Movies.
  11. Nora Aunor conquers Araneta Coliseum.  In May 18, 1991, Nora performed her first live concert and more than 30,000 fans went to watch her first concert.

    nora windmills
    Nora Aunor singing “Windmills of Your Mind” during her first grand concert at the Araneta Coliseum. Photo from World News.
  12. Nora rallies for the poor.  Ate Guy is known to be a very generous person.  Hundreds of urban legends about her helping the poor even to the point that even if she has no money she would give regardless if she only has measly sum on her hands.  Her “pabaon” to small people involved in the film she made are newsworthy.  Her donations during her prime were newsworthy.  She is news indeed.  nora rallies for the poor.jpg
  13. Nora set patriotism on fire and on stage with “Minsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo” stage play.  Noranians and thousands of other Filipinos trooped to watch Nora act on stage.  She did not fail the audience.  The stage play is still one of the biggest box-office drawers in Philippine stage or theater.
  14. Nora nearly won in Berlin Film Festival.  According to the story, Ishmael Bernal was seated beside one of the judges of the said festival on his flight from Berlin going to the Philippines.  The judge said it was quite sad that Nora’s absence in the festival tilted against her thus she lost the trophy by a mere point.

    himals nora
    Image from : Blogger
  15. Nora gave birth to Ian De Leon – the most famous baby at that time.  Ian de Leon’s birth landed on national dailies, movie and entertainment magazines, and even high profile personality magazines.
    from Imgrum
    Image from: Imgrum

    pinoy exchange
    Image from : Pinoy Exchange
  16. Nora Aunor won as Best Performer in 1978 Metro Manila Film Festival – she cried unabashedly when she made her acceptance speech upon winning the award.  It was an important event as it was the first time that a Best Performer award was given and no other acting recognition were given.  It was even more memorable as days before the awards nights she was already declared as a has been and the movie was her last card.  Apparently, Nora Aunor has many aces on her sleeve and after this, she went on to win more awards and at the moment she is the most awarded female performer in Metro Manila Film Festival.
  17. Nora Aunor wins in St. Tropez Film Festival as best actress in a foreign language film.  This win extended her record as the most internationally awarded Filipino film personality.

    pinoy exchange dot com
    From: PinoyExchange
  18. Nora and Sajid Khan starred in a movie – Sajid Khan was already making a name in Hollywood aside from being a member of a movie royalty in India.  They were rumored to have a love affair when they made “The Singing Filipina” but the affair never lasted longer as Nora went back into the arms of Tirso Cruz III after the movie was shown.

    From : Pinterest
  19. Nora won first Best Actress Award – while it was not a major award giving body nonetheless, it was an important event as her Best Actress Award in Quezon City Film Festival would earn a place in movie history as the first acting award of Nora Aunor.

    from star for all seasons
    Screenshot from Star For All Seasons
  20. Nora was hailed by CNN as one of the greatest actresses in the world during the nineties.
  21. Nora wins ASEAN Lifetime Achievement Awards and it goes to show just how broad and wide her artistic influence.

    nora asean world new
    From : World News
  22. Nora Aunor is a TOWNS awardee. One of the awards that eluded her rival.  So, far only very few female stars were recognized by this prestigious award giving body.
  23. Nora Aunor records “Pearly Shells” in the 70’s.  The single went on to become one of the rare million seller singles a feat only achieved by Jose Mari Chan and Imelda Papin.

    nora blue hawaii youtube
    Image from : YouTube
  24. Nora Aunor sued by BIR.  She sold millions of records and millions of her fans watch her movies.  Naturally, she was an easy target for BIR.  Together with her arch-rival, Nora was chased by BIR and for non-payment of taxes amounting to millions of pesos.  Perhaps, it was the first time that BIR ran after superstars when it comes to taxes.But she learned her lesson on this situation and in 2011, she emerged as the second top taxpayer among female celebrities in the Philippines.

    Screenshot from Hot Pinoy Showbiz
  25. Nora was the first Best Actress Grandslam winner.  Yes, it was true that Vilma Santos as Roderick Paulate said on VIP show of Ate Vi that she is deserving of the Grand Walis Award however, Nora was the first one who swept all best actress trophies in major award giving bodies.  It just so happened that when Vilma won in Relasyon, movie award giving bodies were alread dime a dozen.nora best actrress.jpg
  26. Nora Aunor performs at the Captain’s Bar at the Manila Mandarin.  This event sealed the fact that Nora is an all around singer.  She has conquered the concert scene and this time more than twenty years she successfully tried at lounge singing.  Her series of shows earned rave reviews and fans from the upper strata of the society. You can read further about this on this link http://laaunorsuperstar.blogspot.com/2014/08/nora-at-mandarin.html
  27. Nora and Vilma shares T-Bird At Ako.  This was the last movie that they appeared together.  There was news several years ago that they will star in a Brillante Mendoza movie but it did not materialize.  Vilma Santos wanted to see first the script and Direk Brillante is a Zialcita when it comes to filmmaking; he doesn’t rely on prepared script.  toborda at ako
  28. Nora Aunor braves the People Power crowd.  Nora Aunor and politics do not mix well but, politics always invites Nora Aunor into its world.  Read an account of this tumultous event on this link http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?section=Throwback&title=throwback-1986-edsa-people-power&id=103316
  29. Nora won as the first Box-Office Queen – personally, this was a delayed recognition as she has been lording the box-office since The Teenage Musical Idols.  She went on to win several Box Office Queen awards even during the nineties.  Yes, her movies were not as strong as it was before but no one can deny that she was a box-office champon several times over the years.

    box office quuen sa ngalan ng ina
    Image from Sa Ngalan ng Ina Facebook page.
  30. Nora ties with herself in an award giving body.  You can read this unique situation on this link. http://www.pep.ph/guide/movies/16607/nora-aunor-tied-with-herself-for-best-actress-at-pasado-awards nora versu nora.jpg
  31. Noynoy Aquino rejected Nora’s honor as National Artist of the Philippines.  According to reports, it was the drug issue that made him rejects Nora for the supreme award.  Watch the video on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0kzF3Qf_R8  .  You can also read the news in here http://entertainment.inquirer.net/146145/aquino-drugs-reason-why-nora-aunor-not-a-national-artist
  32. Nora reunites with Tirso Cruz III in TILL WE MEET AGAIN. Movie fans were screaming again when this movie was shown in middle 80’s.  It showed just how popular and powerful the Guy and Pip loveteam.

    From Superstar Nora Aunor Fan Site
    From: Superstar Nora Aunor Fan Site
  33. Nora Aunor Superstar Show signed off at 20 years.  It started as the Nora – Eddie Show then it became The Nora Aunor Show and went on to become Superstar Show during Martial Law years and until it folded up in 1989.  The show was resurrected on another channel but it did not last long not even long enough to last at least for several years.  Just the same, her variety show was the longest running musical variety show in Philippine television.  Here is a sample video of a segment in the show.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i00oUBPfyr8 superstar.jpg
  34. Nora Aunor records “Handog” in late seventies.  The song was written by folk singer Florante but becuase of the context of the song, it became more of a Nora Aunor anthem. Watch Nora Aunor performed this song at her first concert at the Araneta.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtnCWvkm0QY .

    From : YouTube
  35. Nora Aunor wins as Best Actress at Cairo International Film Festival.  While Jaclyn winning at Cannes is the biggest achievement by a Filipino movie star, Nora’s was the first big thing when it comes to winning at top tier international film festival.  it was a big win for her and of course for the film.  Watch a video honoring her winning in GMA Supershow on this link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWJQHspj1b4

    from wixsite
    Image from Wixsite
  36. Nora receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from Film Academy of the Philippines.  This is newsworthy as she was the youngest movie actor or actress to receive this kind of accollade.
  37. Nora cited by CCP on its Centenial recognition.

    CCP centinnial
    Screenshots from Artbooks
  38. Nora won Best Actress from 1990 t0 1992 at the Film Academy of The Philippines.  This ties her with Vilma Santos who also boast of 3 consecutive wins at the Urian Awards.

    world news
    Nora receives a Film Academy of The Philippines trophy. Image from World News
  39. Nora wins Best Actress in 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival and extended her record as the most awarded actress in more than 40 years of said local film festival.  This record also equals Vilma Santos claim of achieving the most number of wins in a major award giving body.

    Nora and other winners. Image from Interaksiyon
  40. Nora Aunor withdraws support from Joseph Estrada.  There she goes again and she figured again in another political event in the Philippines. Here she is singing “Bayan Ko” during EDSA 2 on this link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6sKu25KTEU .
  41. Mamera kay Guy was a fundraising activity spearheaded by Nora Aunor for the Philippine National Red Cross.  The same initiative was also launched years after by her fans when the Superstar encountered BIR and other financial woes.  Then, in the 90’s the same activity was used to help raised funds for Mt. Pinatubo victims.
  42. Nora returns on stage with DH.  This is her second stage or theater appearance and again it was a hit.  The play even toured outside of the Philippines.  t0705pablo-nora_feat7_2
  43. Nora Aunor returns after 8 years hiatus in the US. It was one of the biggest news in 2011.  Thousands of Noranians troop to the airport to witness her arrival.

    From The Asian Journal
  44. Nora returns to small screen via “Sa Ngalan Ng Ina.”  While “Bituin” was her first teleserye, her TV5 or Kapatid month long serye was more newsworthy considering that her fans were thirsty to see her back on TV.  After this, she appeared in several TV programs not only with the Kapatid Network but also with Kapuso and Kapamily Network.  She even appeared in some religious network as guest or judge in its TV program.

    Image from DryedMangoez
  45. Nora stars in “Bituin.”  This was her first telenovela ever and it was telecast on the Kapamilya Network.  She went on to appear in other teleseryes from different TV networks.

    Image from: Pinoy DVD
  46. Nora Aunor elevated to Famas Hall of Fame.  She joined the ranks of other illustrious movie stars like her rival Vilma Santos, co-stars Charito Solis, leading men FPJ and Joseph Estrada.

    the artistry of nora aunor
    From: The Artistry of Nora Aunor
  47. Nora Aunor wins Green Planet Awards as one of the Best Actresses of the Decade.You can read one of the hundreds of articles written on this achievement by her.  http://www.pinoygigs.com/blog/entertainment/nora-aunor-wins-best-asian-actress-of-the-decade-at-2010-green-planet-movie-awards/

    From: Wikivisually
  48. Nora Aunor won Best New Recording Artist from Philippines Record Distributor Association and Awit Awards.  We all know that she has one of the best careers in the Philippine music industry.  She was a consistent bestseller when Gold Record Award was pegged at 500,000 units and Platinum Award was at 1,000,000 units in order to be certified as such.  Today, it will only take more or less a measly ten thousand units to earn these awards.  Indeed, her successful musical and movie careers were the template Sharon, Zsa Zsa, and Sarah followed.
  49. Nora Aunor celebrates 60th natal day in 2013.  During her prime, it was a major event not only in Philippine showbusiness but of the entire nation Nora’s birthday.  Thus, when she turned 60 and has already came back from the Philippines, fans expected and even treated her with grand birthday celebration.

    nora at xity
    From: InterAksiyon
  50. Nora backs out of Showtime.  She was chosen as one of the judges of Tawag ng Tanghalan; a Showtime portion.  Being a former Grand Champion and the most successful at that, it was only fitting that she leads the judging.  However, she backed out citing personal indifferences with one of its hosts, Vice Ganda.  She said that she could not tolerate the host’s snides and negative remarks about her.  It was a big news for the show but not for Nora.  She is big news already.

    From: Philnews.Ph


      1. Unforgettable 1970 fantasy melodrama film based from the story by Rico Bello Omagap starring Nora Aunor & Manny De Leon in Nora in Wonderland soon to be released to DVD/Bluray discs soon.

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