Shut Up Janine

I was reading this article about Mocha Uson sarcastic reply to Jim Paredes.  The Apo Hiking Society member did not like that the sexy Duterte defender was part of the entourage on the State Visit of PRRD in the Middle East.  Of course his tweet questioning the inclusion of Mocha did not escape her attention.

jim paredes
Image from Kicker Daily Neews

But, it did not escape my attention also that the grandaughter of the Superstars apparently made “sawsaw” to the issue.  She also had the temerity to ask if taxpayers’ money were used on her trip.  Well, Miss Janine, here are some sentences for you.

  1.  You are no Nora Aunor and think that you can do away with your not so sarcastic remarks.
  2. Before you involve taxpayers’ money, show proof that you are indeed paying correct taxes just like normal people do.
  3. Prove first that you have a beautiful mind because a beautiful face is not a guarantee that you will have an illustrious movie career much less gather people to your side.
  4. Hone your craft first before you make “sawsaw.”
  5. Of course, taxpayers’ money were used and it is a presidential prerogative whom to include in the trip.  Are you saying that Mocha is not respectable enough to be a part of the State visit?
  6. Why, are you more respectable than her?

Your grandmother Nora Aunor has made several mistakes when it comes to personal political affairs.  I hope that you should learn lessons from her and that is stay away from politics and just do your best with your showbiz career.  If you do want to meddle in the political affairs of the country, give it your best shot not just tweeting some “konyo” remarks.






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