It’s My Third Year: Non Smoking Life

On my third, there is no need for me to preach the benefits of living a cigarette free life.  I know that all of readers know those things.  Instead, I will share with you one of the most glaring benefits that I received.  I know that it is the most positive as many of my friends, clients, and acquiantances took notice of it.  In fact, I received so many positive remarks about myself lately.

Image from NUTC

The most endearing remarks came from my baptismal godmother.  We did not meet for fifty years and the only time we connected was she held me during my baptismal ceremony and off we never see each until this year.  We talked a lot of things but I was so glad to hear when she said that “she was happy that I was taking care of myself as she was afraid that I may end up at 50 years old looking like a dirty old man.”  

I knew that I made the right decision when I visited a former dealer from a previous company that I worked with.  And she said that I look more handsome today than during 2014; the last time that we saw each other.

I know that I have to continue living a cigarette free life so that my colleagues at my previous company won’t be disappointed.  One of my closest friends told me when we saw again during a wedding that I look million times better today.  He even mentioned that my lips has more color today than it was three years ago.  Perhaps, he has right.  Just take a look at this comparison.beofre and after.jpg

Indeed, I have been receiving positive feedbacks and I will move on to my fourth year of no smoking life.

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