When I told my mother that I was accepted for training as a sales representative for Zuellig Pharma, she asked me if being in sales and marketing was what I really wanted at that time.  She believed and along with her co-teacher and family friend at the same time that I would become a misplaced individual in my chosen career; they thought that I would become more successful if I would become a teacher.  Thirty years after, I am still breathing sales and target.  I have convinced and proved not only to myself and to my mother and her friend that I am not a misplaced individual in sales and marketing.

ZPC Days.jpg

For thirty years, I have been in many companies selling drugs, appliances, and optical products.  But there is one company that holds a very special place in my heart.  This company became a part of my life three times.  I believed that this company saved my professional career three times also.  It is like having a lifeline when I needed it most.  I am talking about LG Electronics.


The first time that LG became a part of my life was in 1996 and it was known then as Goldstar and is distributed in the Philippines by Goldstar Philippines.  How it changed my life?  I was with Zuellig Pharma Corporation (ZPC) working as sales representative before LG and during my stint with ZPC, we were told that this company was the best thing that there is and thus many of us were afraid that we could not find better than it.  I made an adventure and it changed the way I looked at selling.  While in Zuellig, my job was more on booking and collection.  Working with Goldstar Philippines and then it became LG-Collins Electronics Manila added new dimensions for me as a sales representative.

I was no longer a salesman but a sales and marketing man.  I did not only book for sales and collect it.  I also formulated sales and marketing programs, conducted product presentations, develop sales strategies, area and account management, and among other things.  Indeed, it was a level up when it comes to salesmanship.  My stint with LG during late nineties even erased wrong notions that the pharmaceutical industry was the best place when it comes to perks and benefits.  For example, many of us working in drug companies were happy and contented to stay in boarding houses and I thought it was great.  It was only while working with LG that I experienced hotel accommodation. The pay was even greater when I considered the situation that it took me 8 years in ZPC to breach the P15K level in terms of monthly pay and with LG I was still on my third year and I received P12K.

I left LG Manila in 1999 and worked with TADECO as a political affairs officer.  But the salesman’s world was beckoning me and I went back in the appliance industry unfortunately I ended up in a company that did not take care of its people and again LG saved me.  I transferred to a company that distributes LG and I was redeemed.  I no longer experienced what I suffered from my previous employment; delayed salaries, delayed travel allowance, delayed thirteenth month pay, undue stress and pressure to name a few.  With GTC – Aldis, I did not only sell LG but other products as well that were distributed by this company.  In other words, with this LG distributor, my sales network expanded.  I know clients from the furniture and IT industry.  Indeed, Life’s Good with LG.

LG and Hyundai

I left the LG distributor to concentrate on my career as online writer and took care of my father at the same time.  My father died and my online income dwindled and it was time for me to look back at my ever eternal budding career in sales.  But, I was doubtful.  When you are 50 years old, employment is not rosy and I already embraced the reality with myself to entertain working in small companies just to have a job.  Armed with prayer, pure luck maybe, and good friends, I found my way to LG the third time around.  It is like coming in full circle; it’s like experiencing the alpha and the omega.  This time around, I no longer sell consumer electronics but commercial and industrial airconditioners.  Indeed, LG this time added new badge of courage to my career.  It has given me new confidence.

lg no2ww.png

As a 50 year old salesman, LG has rejuvenated my sales career and at the same time myself.  With my third encounter with LG, I became the poster boy for senior salesmen out there that there are still opportunities provided of course that you have good sales background and integrity.


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