Thirteen years ago, I had a personal crisis.  It was a troubled times for me as the unfortunate situation really hit me hard.  My personal integrity was attacked and I thought I could not recover from it.  I bring this sad but memorable event today becuase of one great reason.  To spread the good new of the Holy Rosary and Mama Mary. It is important as this is testimony worth sharing online.  It was at that time that I discovered both.

catigan toril
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Days after the distressing incident happened, somebody invited me for a retreat and I joined as I thought it was fun as there were 13 of us who went to a resthouse somewhere at the southern part of Davao City.  Just like any retreat, there was a confession time and I remembered crying my heart out not becuase of my confession but relaying to the confessor priest of my heartache and pain with regard to that emotional attacked on me.  The priest told me as absolution that perhaps going to church is not enough for me in order to rearrange my life according to God’s plan.  He asked me if I knew how to pray the rosary and I replied negatively.

retreat image
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He asked me to learn to pray it and further told me that there are rosary booklets that I can buy outside of several churches and cathedrals in Davao City.  I bought one days after the retreat but did not bother to start learning and praying the rosary.  Then, on my birthday that year, I felt that it was time to start learning and praying the rosary and so I did.  A month and days after my birthday, I received a call from a great friend in Cagayan de Oro City. She told me that our former boss from previous company is looking for a sales person.  So, I connected with my former boss.

how to recover fro mcareer disaster

And from thereon, I recovered personally and professionaly.  This is the short story of how I discovered Mama Mary and the Holy Rosary.  This explains why I still pray it unceasingly until today. And I am never embarrassed and ashamed promoting the beauty and benefits of praying the rosary and having faith in Mama Mary.




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