Morrisey Is Still Low In Positivity But Still High on Musicality

While it is not an outstanding album, there are around 4 or 5 songs that I listen to frequently. That’s is a huge count in terms of good songs in one album.

Alden's Album Review

Album Title                :           LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL

Artist                           :           Morrisey

Genre                         :           Alternative Rock

Year Released         :           2018


Many of his fans might be afraid to listen to this new album from him. It might get them confused if they are looking for “The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get” of song and instead they listen to a song chanting the word “Venezuela” in the song “My Love I ‘d Do Anything for You. Some might be wondering if in this album might be going back to roots as “Lover To Be” sound like from the album VIVA HATE.

Musically, the whole album is tolerable in terms of music.  What is difficult to swallow are the song titles giving you headache trying to discern the relevance of the lyrics to the song title. There are several likeable songs in this record such as “Back on the Chain…

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