One Two Cha Cha, One Two She Gotcha

A Single Review of Medellin by Madonna ft. Maluma

Finally, a day after my birthday, the Queen of Pop dropped her new single. Four years of anticipation and the superstar from Detroit has revealed her new incarnation and based on this new single, one can say that she is about to conquer Latin and World music.  The singer started counting one two as an intro to this latest single which of course is not about the drugs in this place of Columbia. Yes, the song title might point out a different connotation to others but Madonna is singing and expressing about a cartel of love.

Listen to Madonna’s song on this link.

The song orientation is reminiscent of what she collaborated with Prince.  But in this record, instead of competitive aggression, Madonna and Maluma are flirting. It can be said that sex is still in Madonna’s mind and this time she is heading the flirty route not the in your face sex approach. Thus, the song worked beautifully and does not turned off listeners and begged to ignore the fact that she is 60 years old and needs to act accordingly. Music fans will enjoy the slow cadence of Medellin and find themselves might doing the cha cha.


I say that this song is a grower and will definitely regarded as true return to form.



2 thoughts on “One Two Cha Cha, One Two She Gotcha

  1. Wow that certainly put the happy on your birthday! I’m luvin’ the song. Sure it’s rather low key, or I dare say underwhelming, for a first single release, but that’s another “different” about it. I love how she’s f**cking expectations even in that regard. I love the chill vibe. Finally she releases her most age appropriate single in recent years!

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