At Last I Found It

When I was in college, I heard a very sexy song on the radio.  My liking for the song even increased further when during a matinee program in the campus, this song was used in one of the dance numbers.  After the show, I looked for one of the dancers as she happened to be a friend of mine and I asked the title of the song. Unfortunately, my financial resources were so scarce during that time that I could not buy the record.

The song lingered on my mind as I no longer heard it on the radio as I was moving from one place to another as a result of my stint as a sales representative. Let’s move on 30 years after, and downloading songs is as easy as breathing air. The moment I learned to how surf the internet, Pillow Talk is one of the songs I eagerly searched at the internet. Unfortunately, I only remembered that surname Jackson and I searched for that song with LaToya Jackson as the singer.

Of course, I didn’t find anything. The name of the singer was Tanya Jackson.  I discovered it when I was searching again for Pillow Talk.  And, while her record nearly sound as I listened before, I felt that it was not the correct one.  So, I surf Youtube and type the song title.  And I found Lustt remix version and so I click on it. Yes, I finally found it.

Here is the link to Pillow Talk.  One of my all time favorite songs.

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