A month ago, I was digging up my personal cabinet to look for some important documents.  And, I found this thing which made me cry.  It was a birthday card my father sent to me when I was still stationed in Zamboanga City. Reading the whole card, I remembered that it was through snail mail that my father and I build a relationship.


I remembered writing letters to my family and I usually started it DEAR MAMA.  Then, a month after, I received a letter from home and it will end with LOVE PAPA.  It was a mystery that I wrote to my mother and my father would respond to my letters.  I never bothered to uncover the reason. The important thing then was that I communicated with my family.


This brings me to this card.  After reading the card, I concluded that my father really loved me. You see, I grew up with other people’s notion that I was closed to my father.  Thus, it build up a situation where I was adamant to get close with my father.  Perhaps, my being away and with my father writing those letters and sending one of the cards, is God’s and Time of helping us build a relationship.

Here is the card which I am still baffled how it landed in my folder.


SCAN 001

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