After 4 promotional singles and with mixed reactions especially among Madonna fans, finally she delivered what could be a rebirth of creativity from her. The latest video coming from forthcoming Madame X album is not only a throwback but another in your face video from the Queen of Pop.  It has been a long time that I saw a video as dramatic as Frozen, as visually captive as Ray of Light and as emotional as Like A Prayer.

But, the video of Dark Ballet is more than anything else.  You see Madonna was known first for delivering narrative videos such as Borderline and Like A Prayer.  She also delivered a contextual video beforehand which is Secret,  which until now has fans asking what the secret is all about.  This latest has everything what a Madonna video had of long ago.  But, this time, she will make fans, critics, and people ponder.

Watch the video here:

There are lots of imagery and people will surely interpret the images according to their own context.  For example, the image of wrinkled women in the video, would suggest that she is not giving in to ageism even if it burn her. The image of different religious leader witnessing the burning of the supposed Joan of Arc, suggests that she still doesn’t give a damn what religion would think of her/

There are many things to discuss indeed on this video and with that I say that this is one of the best videos in a long time from Madonna and the music industry in general.

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