Countdown To Homecoming

      The big event for batch 83 of Davao City National High School is finally getting nearer.  A lot of us are really excited and is looking foward eagerly on the much awaited date.  I am sure that lots of curious individuals have already an imagination of the things to come especially about their batchmates. A number of us are too are quite curious how some of us have changed. 

      For sure the ladies will be on the look out for the handsome boys of twenty five years ago, I hope that these fine women will not be devastated by the change.  And the boys will be on the look out for the girls that cause them sleepless nights, hunger, and acne.  Will these girls cause the same disaster at midlife? And I am sure that huge number of guys have not only lost their innocence but their crowning glory are gone.  I am one them really.  How many of us now are gigantic in weight but were thin as a paper nearly three decades ago.  Were the bad boys of yesterday are the good boys of today?  What do you think?  How about the ugly ducklings of yore, did the latest technology improved their looks and confidence? The most interesting among these curiosity is how many of us improved our status.
      Well there is one way to find out.  Get your act and attend the reunion.  And your curiosity will be satisfied.  How about it, you still have more than 45 days to gather your resources and all that jazz.  BE THERE !!! You might be the star of the night.

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