Album Review

Album Review : INFINITY
Artist : Yann Tiersen
Genre ; New Age
The album begins with “Infinity,” an instrumental which has an appropriate title as when you listen to it, you feel like wandering in the clouds. The first two songs is constructed in a way that there is no gap in between. Instead, you have sound effects like droplets of rain falling down on the roof or in the ground. Take for instance “Slippery Stones,” it continues the ending instrumental of “Infinity” before the artist deliver vocals that remind you of “Enya.”

“A Midsummer Evening” is quite eclectic. It begins with a bagpipe like instrumentation then progresses with violins joining the instrumentation and suddenly, it slows down to tinkering of a piano, the as the song nears towards the end a whole string ensemble is heard with drum background. When the vocals are heard, it feels like a choir of angels singing. “Ar Maen Bihan” treats you to an ancient ritual, where someone is reciting a verse with eerie musical background as the reading progresses. This song is quite experimental and it takes a huge amount of patience for the listener to finish the song. It is like watching a movie, where the music gives you clues on how the story will unfold.
“Light” is quite confusing considering that the first few songs had appropriate titles. This song begins with a playground like atmosphere and towards the middle it induces listeners to play in their minds panoramic vistas. “Gronjord” has an icy resonance, indeed, a very cold song delivered in full orchestra. The vocal construction of this song can make you shiver while listening to it.

The next two songs suggest that the artist became lazy as “Stein” becomes a repetition of “Ar Maen Bihan.” “In Our Minds” follows the same pattern with “Gronjord.” In “The Crossing”, you might begin to wonder if it is an obligation of artist in this genre to create a song along the like of “Carribean Blue” by Enya. The former sounds like a rip-off of the latter. The last song “Meteorite” makes the listener to ask what made me finish the whole album. It seemed that the artist made a poor judgment in making this as en ending song. A narrative type of song is appropriate at the beginning. He could have ended this with an instrumentation deliver like a whimper if he wants to create an impact.

As a New Age record, this one will not achieve the kind of stardom “Enya, Yanni, and Clannad, however, this is a respectable album. I rate this 3 stars out of 5 stars.

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